Trip Case


Trip Case is our preferred web-enabled tool for providing electronic itineraries to our clients. Trip Case allows our clients easy access – from the web or their mobile device – to their itinerary including flight schedules, hotel and ground operation confirmations. 



Brownell works with Sabre, the world’s leading provider of airline ticketing resources. Your Brownell Travel advisor can see what the airlines see – across airlines – across continents. Not only do they have access to all flights, schedules and seats, they have the knowledge to recommend the right flights, schedules and seats FOR YOU. There is one thing the Internet can’t do and that is know how long it takes to get from Terminal A to Terminal C at DFW during the Friday rush – you’re Brownell advisor does. You can book with the confidence that an actual person is managing your reservations and looking after you. 

Air Desk


The Brownell Air Desk is one of the many aspects of the Brownell Advantage. We know clients want their advisor to help with every aspect of a trip, including air. The Brownell Air Desk has a combined 50+ years of experience and can find the best flights for your schedule as well as manage itinerary changes, cancellations and delays. Our Air Desk is open and available from the first flight to the last- no matter the time of day.